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Cover StoryMajor Recruitment Drive, Click here to apply
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Major Recruitment DrivePublished 3rd June 2013

Major recruitment drive @ First Impression Technologies, to create leaders of tomorrow. Intersted Candidates can apply by Clicking Here

Check out Open Engineers Published May 11, 2013

Check out the cool and most happening website for Engineers at www.OpenEngineers.net.

Thanks to all our clients Published May 11, 2013

A big thanks to all our clients for their continous support which has helped us to serve them better. We look forward to continue the same in the years to come

Workshops Started on new Technologies Published May 11, 2013

Workshops on New Technologies like Java FX, Android, Matlab, VHDL, Verilog, .Net Technologies, and more are being conducted by us. Contact +919823834673 for more details

New tutorials now onlinePublished June 22, 2013

Check out a variety of tutorials recorded and developed by us by visiting our Video Tutorials Zone

SNM Live with Vichaar and RadioPublished May 12, 2013

This application is based on the Sant Nirankari Mission. Saints can be connected to each other, Listen to Live SNM Radio and Learn about the recent activities of the Mission via this Application

Emergency Signalling Application launchedPublished May 12, 2013

An application to alert your loved ones in case of any emergency situations is lauched by us on the Google Play Store. It's a free App, compatible with Android 2.1 and above devices, download the same from the Google Play Store

Appilizer for AndroidPublished May 12, 2013

An Android based application to check other applications and their impact on various system resources, a must have for every Android Phone to keep a track on Malicious and Misbehaving Apps.

The Inner Circle Published May 12, 2013

Keep a track of your loved ones via this Amazing offline Android Application, available for FREE on the Android App Store.

Some of our recently completed projectsPublished May 13, 2013


A combined approach for Gait recognization using 3 way background suppression with Nearest Neighbour Classifier
A Novel Approach to represent high quality images via semantic relevancy
A Novel Approach to represent high quality images via semantic relevancy and image rank
A novel approach towards Image Registration using Adaptive Polar Transform
Age Estimation via Faces
Coded OFDM systems
Cognitive Radios based on Genetic Algorithms
CSV Encoder and Decoder
Detection and localization of text in images
Efficient Image Secret Sharing Algorithm
Emotion Recognition based on GMM and SVM
Extraction of interest point matching using transform based method, Walsh and Haar Transform
Fatigue detection based on Fuzzy and Genetic
Fuzzy C Means and Fuzzy Min Max NN for Lung Cancer detection
Image Enhancement using a Fusion Framework of Histogram
Image Saliency Detection
Image Watermarking based on DWT (One Source Image and Two Embed Images) with 2 techniques
Improved Adaptive Block truncation coding for LCD Jitter Reduction
Modeling the Temporal Evolution of Acoustic for Emotion Recognition
MST-CSS (Multi-Spectro-Temporal Curvature Scale Space), a Novel Spatio-Temporal Representation for Content-Based Video Retrieval
Object distance detection from Video
Object Size Detection based on NN
Pattern-based Block Motion Estimation Algorithms
Script Identification from Tri Lingual Documents using Horizontal and Vertical Profiles
XRay Image Segmentation based on GA
CAD CAM Modelling of Gear System (with 8 Numericals) with Epicyclic Gear Train
Content Based Image Retrieval Using Textural Features based on Pyramid-Structure Wavelet Transform
Edge detection canny NN and PNN
Emotion Recognition based on MFCC Wavelet and HMM
Face recognition based on Skin Color and Depth Information
Fitness Function Optimiztion based on GA
Gesture Recognition based on Canny Edge Detection
Image Enhancement using additive Wavelets
Image Quality Assessment using Image Decomposition (VSNR, Q, SSIM, FSIM)
Image Search by Reranking
IPOG D Test for Combinatorial Test
PAPR Reduction in OFDM based on DCT SLM
Still Image Denoising based on DWT
Tooth defect detection based on Client Server
Video Tracking with face detection
VisualCryptography based on RC4
Voice Security Enhancement using Chaotic Maps, Kasami Sequences


Computational Analysis of DSP systems using Voltage Scaling (8 Bit Adder, Cordic)
Design and Implementation of High Speed Low Power Up Converter
Efficient Modulo Binary Reisdue Converter
Finite Field MAC Unit using Sub Word Parallel Architecture
Implementation of DSSS CDMA TX and RX using Scrambling Code
Karatuba Multiplier
MultiResolution Processing
Parallel Pipelined Radix 2-Square FFT Architechture for Real Valued Signal Folding
Reconfigurable Crossbar Switch for Network Processor
Advanced Sowing,Planting and Moisture Dectection Equipment
Cryptography Processor RSA
Design of MIPS Processor
Design of SPECK Algorithm on FPGA
Design of UWB transmitter & Receiver for enhanced security
Design of WiMax Protocol for high speed communication
Embedded Multiprocessor with FPGA
Face recognition with Colored Output
Fast Block LMS
FPGA Implementation of Adaptive Viterbi Decoder
Gabor Filter for Finger Print
Gabor Filter for Tronsilitis Detection
High Speed Low Power Multiplier
Image watemarking algorithm
Implementation of 64 Bit Fuzzy Inference Processor for ATM
Low bit rate video encoding using VLSI Architecure
On Chip Router PhD
Reed Solomon Decoder
Sensing various industry parameters like Sound, Temperature, Pressure and Speed
Source coding with Cognitive Radio PhD
Time and Frequency Estimation
VHDL Implementation of Quaternary Signed Digit Number System (Adder, Subtractor)
Voice Filtering using VHDL
Wavelet and Image Compression

Android and Java

Android based Server With Web Apps
Attendance System
Augmented Camera
Augmented Reality
BlueTooth Chat Android
Bluetooth Hotspot
Business Management App
Chaotic Image Encryption
Cleaning Bot based on Hardware
Click A Deal Android
Cloud Display Android
Cloud DRM
Cloud Load Balancing
Clustering Swarm
CSV Importer
Domain Specific Entity Recognition
Driving Assistance
Earthquake Monitor
EROCK Clustering Algorithm
Face Detection And Recognition
Feedback Analysis
Finger Print Banking
Fuzzy Min Max Clustering
Image Forgery Detection
Image Labelling
Intrusion Detection with MASID
Java Banking
Java Cards
Marauder Map for Android
Material Selection based on Periodic Tables
Movie Review Analysis
Multidimension XML
Neo4j Based Enhanced Google Search
One Vs All Classifier
Web Search Ontology
Remote Droid


DAC Using R-2R
High Speed Encoder for ADC
Quaternary Voltage Mode Logic Cell & Multiplication Circuit
ADC for Receiver Application
ADC through CDC
Design of OpAmp and OTA
RingVCO for improved Phase Noise at 2.45 GHz


Adaptive Route Discovery in WSN
Buffer Management with Huffman & RLE
Design of Multihop Networks with Intelligent Band allocation of packets
Dissimation and Storage of Data using Epidemic and Spawn Algorithms
DOS Attacks
Efficient Location Management using RACC in WSN
Efficient Security Compression Security
Linear Regression based Routing & Comparision with AODV
Multiple Security Algorithms based on TTLS Elliptive Curve & AES
Priority Based Scheduling & Congestion Control in WSN for improving Throughput
Selective Encryption algorithms for Wireless Adhoc Networks
Time Sync of Cluster Heads
Black Hole Attack based on SODV
Cost aware reconfigurable routing for WMN
DOS Legitimate

and many more... on these areas and PHP, VB.Net, MySQL, Oracle, AVR Controllers, and many other domains

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